“Fred Ehrsam net worth 2023, age, crypto, family, wife | How rich is the Paradigm founder?”

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Hello Friends, Welcome to the Moneybingos platform. I am sure you are here to know the Net worth and biography of Fred Ehrsam, right? Yes, you are on the right platform. In this article, you will find all the information on Fred Ehrsam’s Age, Net worth, Biography, age, and family. Today, Fred Ehrsam has achieved a lot in his life that many are dreamed of. Millions of youths throughout the world consider him their role model. He founded a cryptocurrency investment brand called Paradigm and before this, he was also a Co-founder of a cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. As of May 2022, Fred Ehrsam net worth as per Forbes report is calculated as $2.1 billion.

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A Short intro of Fred Ehrsam Early life & Career

The full name of Fred Ehrsam is Frederick Ernest Ehrsam III. He was born on the 10th of May 1988 in Boston Massachusetts (US), so currently his age is 34 years old. As a newborn, he lived his childhood in Boston and later he grew up in Concord Massachusetts (US). He was a very brilliant student in his adulthood and professionally played video games in high school. He was a world of warcraft player, which later gives him the idea of digital currency.

Fred Ehrsam passed out of high school in 2007 and moved to Duke University for graduation. In 2010, Frederick Ernest Ehrsam graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Computer Science with very good marks. He also developed an interest in Economics at his graduation. Later on, Fred Ehrsam turned his interest in economics to his passion and became a foreign exchange trader in a reputed bank at Goldman Sachs in New York. He learned about cryptocurrencies from one of his professors. Under his mentorship, he starts trading in his free time.

Fred Ehrsam Net Worth in 2023

As per a Forbes report that was published in May 2022, Fred Ehrsam’s net worth was US$2.1 billion. A major source of his income is from a cryptocurrency exchange and investment firm with more than $2 billion. A small part of his income was from an investment bank Goldman Sachs, where he worked as a foreign exchange trader. He founded a cryptocurrency exchange named ‘Coinbase’ in 2012 with one of his mates named Brian Armstrong. He has generated half of his income from Coinbase, where he worked up to 2017 and then left it but remains on the Coinbase board by owning 7% of its stocks.

Later in the mid of 2018, Fred Ehrsam founded a cryptocurrency investment firm named ‘Paradigm‘. He has generated most of his income from Paradigm. So, we can say that he started his career in 2011 and since then his net worth is increasing rapidly. As per our team survey, we are expecting that Fred Ehrsam’s Net Worth will cross US$5 billion by the end of 2023. He was also named in the youngest ’30 under 30′ list of Time Magazine in 2013.

Fred Ehrsam net worth 2023, by https://moneybingos.com

Fred Ehrsam Biography overview

Full NameFrederick Ernest Ehrsam III
Net WorthUS$2.1 billion (as of mid 2022)
Age & height34 & 5’9”
Founder ofCoinbase(cryptocurrency exchange, 2012)
Paradigm(cryptocurrency investment firm, 2018)
Born atBoston Massachusetts(US)
EducationBachelor of Computer Science from Duke University
WifeNot yet married
Career beginningForeign exchange trader at “Goldman Sachs” New York
Honors’30 under 30′ list by Time Magazine in 2013
’30 under 30′ list by Forbes in 2014
Fred Ehrsam Biography overview, by https://moneybingos.com

How Fred Ehrsam become so Rich?

The reason behind Fred Ehrsam’s success is the zeal that he developed during his graduation years in finance and economics. Being a computer science student, he learned about cryptocurrency from one of his professors and researched in his spare time. This passion of Fred Ehrsam has landed him at Goldman Sachs, which is a reputed trading bank in New York (US). He started his career over there as a foreign exchange trader. During this phase, he attended a crypto discussion forum in New York, and there he met with Brian Armstrong. Both of them discussed a lot about cryptocurrency and finally come up with an idea to open a platform where people can buy various crypto tokens like Bitcoin etc. with a low transaction fee.

The idea was implemented in 2012 when they founded ‘Coinbase’ a cryptocurrency exchange. This allows people to buy crypto tokens from Coinbase and they started making money from the transaction fee on every purchase. Fred Ehrsam made a lot of money from Coinbase, which made him the youngest Billionaire and named by Time Magazine & Forbes in the ’30 under 30 lists’. In 2017, Fred Ehrsam left Coinbase but remained on the board of directors with 7% stocks. He later founded another cryptocurrency investment firm Paradigm. This made him the youngest billionaire tycoon and his wealth grew rapidly year by year. As per our research, his net worth will cross US$5 billion next year.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is the cryptocurrency exchange that is founded by “Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong”. Both are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who developed an interest in cryptocurrency during their graduation years. Coinbase allows its customers to buy crypto coins with a little transaction fee. It is based in San Francisco, California, U.S., and became a public company in 2021. It served throughout the world over 110+ countries and traded as Nasdaq: COIN, Russell 1000 component. As of 2021, its total assets were US$ 21.3 billion.

What is Paradigm?

Paradigm is a cryptocurrency and Web3 investment firm based in San Francisco founded by Fred Ehrsam in 2018. It is his dream project that has made 30 investments in crypto companies by the end of 2020. The total asset of Paradigm as of 2022 is more than US$ 12 billion.


Who founded Paradigm crypto?

Fred Ehrsam founded the Paradigm cryptocurrency in 2018. It is a San Francisco based cryptocurrency and Web3 investment firm having a total asset of more than US$ 12 billion as of 2022.

How old is Fred Ehrsam?

Fred Ehrsam was born in 10th of May 1988. So, presently he is 34 years old. He was the youngest tycoon listed in Time Magazine & Forbes ’30 under 30 list’.

When did Fred Ehrsam leave Coinbase?

Fred Ehrsam left Coinbase in 2017 but remains in the board of directors by holding 7% shares of Coinbase.

How did Brian Armstrong meet Fred Ehrsam?

Brian Armstrong met with Fred Ehrsam in a cryptocurrency discussion forum in New York. Both have developed a good relation after this and finally founded Coinbase in 2012.

Fred Ehrsam wife?

Fred Ehrsam is not yet married. He is single and did not reveal much of his personal life.

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