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Howdy guys, today I will teach you the 100% legit way to earn money online without investment. As this is a proven way and I personally made a lot of dollars this way. So, not wasting much of your precious time, the Company name is “Directly” which is now owned by “Movate”. Here, I will provide you guys the link to various companies through which you can apply easily. Below I am providing the screenshot of a profile. Your account looks like same as when you got accepted.

Sample Profile after approval of application

How Directly allows to earn money online without investment?

Now the question is, how to earn money online without investment? The answer is directly, which partners with various established brands like Microsoft, LinkedIn, AT&T, SAMSUNG, Shutterstock, Autodesk, and Nextdoor. It provides customer support by hiring experts or advisors. People all across the world can apply to these lucrative brands and work as an expert by solving the user’s questions. I will provide you with each detail of how things work here. So, read the whole of the article with focus and start your career by working from home.

As this is 100% genuine and if you got selected, your life will change in one year as the rewards are very high for solving customer queries. There are no set hours for working. For example, if you give 8 hours in a day and address 30 customers, then you will earn $90US- $100US in a day and if you continue to work for 8 hours daily you will be able to earn $3000US in a month. It’s totally up to you guys, the more you work, the more you earn. So, I hope you are all excited to earn money online without investment.

Who is Directly and how it works?
Directly now acquired by movate

Who can Apply to earn money online without investment?

People throughout the world can apply to earn money online without investment with the links below. There are a lot of companies collaborating with directly.com including big brands like Microsoft, Samsung, LinkedIn, etc. You can apply to all the companies separately. The selection process for each company is simple. You have to create an account with the links provided below and answer the 8 to 10 questions then you have to verify your identity. Also, you have to select your Region/Country and move ahead as per. This is a very simple process and anyone can pass the test easily with little knowledge. In my next post, I will discuss more deeply the whole process of selection in Microsoft. Please comment below if you want to know the technique to apply online to make yourself approved. I will provide you guys with the answers too as per your demand.

Networks accepting applications to earn money online without investment:

So let me share with you the Networks that are accepting expert’s applications to earn money online without investment in 2023:

Directly’s partner companies manage their own expert recruiting, because the company recognizes their users best, so the most active, passionate users are always in demand to become experts. The networks that I am showing below are open to accepting applications. Keep one thing in mind that new experts are only approved as per the need and it will usually take 3 to 4 days after the application is reviewed. You can apply to a company with many accounts in your name but if one got approved, then you cannot apply with the same user name. Once applied successfully, keep patience and wait for a few days, sometime it takes one week, sometimes it takes 2 weeks or a month depending upon the requirement.

You guys have to go through a skill test while applying and this test is not timed so you can search the internet for answers. Lastly, I would say kindly apply to those companies that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Because if you have no knowledge or skills about the company you are applying for, you cannot solve the customer’s issue and that will reduce your customer satisfaction ratio CSAT. If your CSAT is reduced, you will not be routed with the question. So, just click below and apply online to earn money online without investment as soon as possible.

1. Microsoft:

you must have Microsoft community profile In order to apply Microsoft Community – Windows, Outlook, Skype, Teams: Link to apply is https://microsoft-community.directly.com/apply/multi?utm_campaign=general-hub

2. Gaming:

Microsoft Xbox : Link to apply https://microsoft-xbox.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub

Rockstar Games:

Link to apply https://rockstar-games.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub


link to apply https://minecraft.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub

3. AT&T Apply:

AT&T Wireline Services:

Link to apply https://att-wl.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub

AT&T TV NOW Services:

Link to apply https://att-tv.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub

AT&T Mobile Phones:

Link to apply https://att.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub

4. Other Networks you can apply for:


Link to apply https://autodesk.directly.com/apply/multi?utm_campaign=general-hub


Link to apply https://linkedin.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub


Link to apply https://nextdoor.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub


Link to apply https://shutterstock.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub


Link to apply https://automattic.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub


Link to apply https://rev.directly.com/apply?utm_campaign=general-hub

Why apply and how much you can earn?

You can earn lucrative cash and Reward for helping customers with their basic questions about Microsoft products, AT&T, and any other brand to which you are applying for. Most companies pay $3US to $4US for each question you have solved. You can choose which question you have to answer in your free time at your convenience. If you can work for 10 hours a day you can simply make $150US- $200US. It’s all up to one’s capabilities and knowledge because knowledgeable experts can solve customers’ issues faster and this way they can solve more questions and earn more rewards.

Sky is the limit here; you can apply as much as networks you are knowledgeable and passionate about.

Payment Process:

When your applications are accepted and you start working as an Expert /Advisor, you will get your payments weekly on every Wednesday through PayPal. You have to open up a PayPal account to receive your payments in dollars. Using PayPal you can then convert your payments into any Currency as per your country. If you face any issues and don’t know how to open a PayPal account, you can comment below, I will write an article regarding that as per your demand.

Once you get selected for the company you are applying for, you will get an e-mail regarding the acceptance of your application. You will then follow as per the e-mail. A screenshot of the payment is shown below.

Payment report weekly basis.

In this screenshot, This expert helped 73 people and earned $201US in a week. I will discuss the whole process once your application got approved. So, no need to worry about just comment below and let me know your experience while applying online…

If you face any kind of difficulty while applying online. You can contact with me using my E-mail: arunbingos9901@gmail.com

Please Comment below about which company you are applying for.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How to apply in directly as chat support?

To apply in directly as chat support, you need to apply online to various companies that collaborated with directly. Once your application got approved, you can work as an expert in directly chat support.

2. Is earning online as an expert with Directly now Movate Legit?

Yes, working as an expert/Advisor with Directly / Movate is 100% genuine and legit.

3. Which Country people can apply to directly.com?

People throughout the world can apply online by selecting their country while filling up the application. You may be from the USA, UK, France, Germany, India, China, etc.

4. How much time will it take Directly.com to accept application?

It will usually take 3 to 4 days and even a month to accept applications as per the requirement.

5. How much does a person can earn as an expert from Directly.com?

Sky is the limit here. You can earn up to $2000 US every week as per the time you devote to solving customers’ questions.

6. Can Students apply to Directly.com?

Yes, Students as well as working enthusiasts all across the world can work part-time here and earn extra cash.

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